Dementia Friendly Churches




Heart 4 Harlow has been working with the Dementia Action Alliance to raise awareness of Dementia in churches and to resource information, training and advice to support Churches in becoming more Demetia Friendly.

Dementia Awareness Session

On Thursday 28th March 2021 we held an intitial Dementia Awareness Session for Church Leaders, if you were not able to join us then you can watch the session here.

Dementia Friends Sessions

Join us on February 23rd for this free interactive information session to learn how dementia afffects a person and what you can do to make a difference.  Become a Dementia Friend and join more than 3 million others taking action.  From being more patient in a shop queue to campaigning for change, every action counts.

Anyone of any age can become a Dementia Friend.


Dementia Friendly Coffee Mornings via Zoom

Starting on Friday 9th April, pur Dementia Friendly Virtual Coffee Morning will be changing to Friday mornings at 10.30am.  There will be a weekly opportunity for those with Dementia and/or their carers, to access a 'Virtual Coffee Morning' via Zoom. There will be singing, quizes, Seated Excercise and plenty of opportunity to make friends and find help.  Click on the image for further details.



Dementia Connect, for advise and support 03333 150 3456

Dementia Friendly Service Tips

  • Hold shorter services, perhaps half an hour long with short sermons 

  • Familiar hymns, well known songs and familiar prayers and bible readings

  • Designated quiet place in the church in case people are feeling restless

  • Trained volunteers (Dementia Friends)  in the congregation to support people with dementia

  • Review the environment of the building and access – would people know the location of the toilets? Is the building well-lit because dementia can cause visual disorientation and shadows can cause alarm.

  • Minimum distractions – limit noise so church leaders can be heard clearly.

  • If a person decides to walk around the church, walk with them, comfort and reassure them.  If they don’t wish to return to their seat, it doesn’t matter.

  • Memory Boxes in church buildings so that people can use them if feeling unsettled.

  • Practicalities of communion may be difficult for people with dementia – people may have difficulties swallowing, maybe a spoon or blessing may be easier for them.

  • Relaxed and enjoyable delivery of service

Demetia Friendly Church Resources.


For some examples of Dementia Friendly Worship Sessions from Julie Peek, Highlands Methodist Church Older Peoples worker and Memory WOrship Facilitator the click here.


Paul & Nick Harvey Fund - Application Guidelines - Musioc for Dementia.  Deadline for applications 26/2/20.