Events Overview

Heart 4 Harlow organises a number of events each year and brief details of these can be found below.  We also work closely with Churches, Charities, Community Groups, Local Business and Harlow Council.  We are happy to promote activities and events from all of these, you can register your event by emailing  

For key dates for 2020 please click here.

For further information and dates of other events please also refer to our Calendar.


Upcoming Events

Events (events contain links wherever possible) Dates (times, venue if known)
Throughout January and Febriuary
Starts 7th January (7.45pm, URC Church Hatfield Heath)
Alpha Starts 21st January (7pm at The Snug, The Hare Pub)
Alpha Starts 22nd January (8pm, The Gateway Centre)
Alpha Starts 24th January (7pm, Harefield Church)
Sunday 26th January (6pm for 6.30pm, St Mary's Churchgate Street)
31st January,(8pm The Gateway Centre)
Rotary Club of Harlow Tye Abseil Event 16h/17th May 2020
First Friday of every month, Gateway Freedom Church