Events Overview

Heart 4 Harlow organises a number of events each year and brief details of these can be found below.  We also work closely with Churches, Charities, Community Groups, Local Business and Harlow Council.  We are happy to promote activities and events from all of these, you can register your event by emailing  

For key dates for 2020 please click here.

For further information and dates of other events please also refer to our Calendar.

Due to the restrictions relating to the Corona Virus outbreak all public meetings have been cancelled or postponed for the timebeing.  However many churches have ways of you connecting with them online and by telephone, visit our Churches page for further information.

Upcoming Events

Events (events contain links wherever possible) Dates (times, venue if known)

H4H Prayer Service


Sunday 23rd August, 6.30pm via Zoom

Next Course starting Thursday 13th August via Zoom

Holy Week Reflections and Easter Service
Links to reflections and Easter Service recorded during Holy Week 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus Lockdown