Core Groups

The Trustees have identified five areas of ‘Partnership and Engagement’ which together reflect the vibrant community life of our town:



For each of these areas we are developing a ‘Core Group’ who will Pray for that specific area, look at how they can make connections with potential Partners and then see how they can Participate along with those partners in seeing this area of community life in Harlow further improve.

Community links 

We are looking for people from each church who are willing to act as ‘Community Links’ between each of these areas and their church. So, we would like to see, for example, ‘Commerce Community Links’, ‘Civic Community Links’ and so on. Their role would be to feedback items for prayer, inform congregations about events and activities planned and contribute thoughts and ideas to the relevant Core Team.

Which of the five areas are you particularly interested in? Would you be interested to know more about a particular area as it develops? If so then Subscribe to receive further informaiton.

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